Help to villagers of Vidal de la fuente and complete 100% the game


If you manage to defeat the final enemy and see the true end of the game, you can continue playing to get 100% of the adventure. In addition, from then on you will be able to speak with the old man of the town to obtain information on the book of the petitions. If you can find it, you can accept requests from the different characters in the game and you can complete them.


Leon's crusade


In the old man's house you will have at all times a control over the accepted petitions, which are fulfilled and a clue as to what you should do in each one of them.

The percentage of requests is different from that of the adventure. Therefore to complete the game you should reach 100% in the two sections. If you do, you will be able to discover the last secrets that the game hides.


La cruzada de León